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                                             is a Leadership/Career and Personal Development Consultant, Career Coach, Lecturer, Inspirational Speaker and Author/Writer of the best-selling book The Widow’s Jar of Oil. She is also a fellow member of the School of Social Entrepreneurs. Her mission is to empower others to fulfil their life’s purpose.


Jacqueline has a passion to see people excel against the odds; her workshops and seminars are geared towards helping people to turn their negative life’s circumstances into stepping stones if progress to achieving and walking in their destiny.


Jacqueline believes that everyone has a vision and should be empowered to fulfil it. As a sought after speaker, she has spoken on issues relating to purpose and how to discover it. Some of the topics she has spoken on include the following - The Empowered Woman, The True Source of Wealth, 5 Steps to Success to name but a few.


With over 14 year’s experience, Jacqueline has worked as a Recruitment Consultant for some of the most renowned Consultancies in the City of London, recruiting and selecting personnel for triple A rated investment banks/companies.


With proven success in growth, she set up her own Recruitment Consultancy were she specialised in placing people within the Management field. Jacqueline realised that there were so many people starting their own Recruitment Agencies with little experience in the field, she then decided to write her own professional training manual called the ‘Recruitment Executive Development Course’ where she delivered Personal Development Training on the importance of being a professional Recruitment Consultant; developing business through positive and successful relationships in order to provide an excellent service and maximise profit.


Through this experience, she realised that she had a passion to encourage, motivate and inspire those who discovered that they were in the wrong careers and stayed out of lack of confidence in their acquired capabilities and fear of changing.

One of Jacqueline’s workshops ‘Rebuilding Your Life through Change” inspired by “Who Moved My Cheese” addresses the issues one faces at a crossroad and has been filmed as a documentary for colleges and schools in and around the UK. She has been featured on a television documentary called ‘In Perspective’ on BENTV in 2004 discussing Career and Personal Development and the importance of how one can rebuild and excel as a result of having encountered a major change in their lives.


As the author of the following books “The Widow’s Jar of Oil – Knowing What You have to Get Out of DEBT” and Your Talent is Your Wealth 2nd edition and is presently working on her next book soon to be released called “Being Single to be Married – Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage. She has been interviewed on Premier Radio, discussing her journey to being debt free and how the shame of being in debt can rob one’s destiny if they don’t know their purpose.


Her company Empowered Woman Ltd focuses on empowering women from one level of performance to another level of achievement the vision inspired by Proverbs 31 Woman; the aim is to empower women to empower their nation through various programmes and workshops. She has been interviewed on OHTV about the work she has done with women throughout the country and internationally.


Jacqueline is very gifted and creative individual and operates in the office of a prophet empowering women to discover their positions in the Body of Christ.


She is married with 2 beautiful girls.



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