Our vision is to empower women to move from one level of achievement to the next, by applying the principles, knowledge and instructions of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The more you plug into your relationship with God the more you will witness the true wealth prepared for you.


The role of a woman is multifaceted. From living single and learning to enjoy it, recognising your place in society, being a wife and a mother, creating wealth from the resources within you, the list goes on and on.


The process towards our empowerment can often come from the challenges life presents to us. A woman who is whole can be a significant influence in her environment. The journey to wholeness starts with discovering who you are. Finding out what you are called to do. Being aware of who you are called to unite with and doing what needs to be done.


Filled with wisdom, clothed with dignity, instructs with love, the  “Empowered Woman”  is a woman who is in her rightful position called to fulfil her destiny.

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"Being an EWMPP mentee is, I believe no coincidence for me. I believe that it was my destiny and purpose to be part of this programme and I am so grateful to God to have given me this opportunity.I am the happiest I have ever been since doing this programme as I feel more in control, stable and self assured..."


Michelle Pritchard – Lecturer Sixth Form College


"Jacqueline’s words of encouragement that she spoke to me in that I have a purpose and a vision have never left me. They gave me hope for a brighter future and made me understand that I was at a crossroad, and that this was my time to make changes..."


Elsie, London


"The Leadership Mentoring for purpose programme so far has been breath taking!! and challenging too!! Understanding the fundamental elements of mentoring and learning the essence of self, allows room for growth for knowledge and personal development..."


K Grocia - Designer, La Senza




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