" I have known Jacqueline for nearly a decade and she has been consistent in her faith, passionate about her work with women, whilst being open and honest about her life and how she has progressed."


Bola, London



" When I gave birth to my twins, I thought my life was over as they were numbers 4 and 5 of my children.


Jacqueline’s words of encouragement that she spoke to me in that I have a purpose and a vision have never left me. They gave me hope for a brighter future and made me understand that I was at a crossroad, and that this was my time to make changes.


I didn’t know this then, but her words spoken to me and even after since having a sixth child and the feelings of despair I had before is no longer part of my life.


Today, I am working in a job that gives me fulfilment, I am spiritually liberated, my oldest son is at university, and all my children are in good schools, which is an answer to prayer.


I recognise that I have a gift and I am actively developing that for my community. "


Elsie, London



"Jackie is always ready to season the lives of those around her with salts of wisdom poured from her heart, flavoursome and true."


Patricia, Kilburn




"Jacqueline is a woman of vision who has an uncommon desire to see others succeed. She has insight into drawing out the potential in others and is willing to inspire, motivate, encourage and support others to achieve their goals. She resourcefully manages change and has successfully demonstrated this in her own life and career. Whether she is taking giant steps or smaller steps of change, Jacqueline is constantly making progress; and is willing to show anyone how to do the same."


Banke, Leyton

(Homemaker and Writer)








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