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                              Ladies it gives me so much joy and              

                               an absolute pleasure to invite you        

                                to The Empowered Woman

                                Conference 2013:


“The Transformed Woman”


There is only one message – The Kingdom Message - and to live the message daily and experience positive changes for your life in 2013 and beyond demands a call for you to think and act differently.




Join me and a host of speakers to deliver this powerful and prolific message that will teach, encourage and empower you to be:


  • Transformed for Business

  • Transformed for Relationships

  • Transformed for Purpose


The Transformed Woman, renewing the mind by adopting a Kingdom mind set.


See you there,


Jaqueline Ani


Empowered Woman


"Woman, do not conform to the way of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

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EW 2013 Speakers

Pastor Abbiih Oloyede

Co-Pastor City Chapel

Church / Presenter

Womenz World on OHTV

Placida Acheru

Founder Coaching for

Excellence/ Personal

Business Coach/

Inspirational Speaker

Pastor Enomfon Ntefon

Co-Pastor Kingdom

Legacy Assembly/


Transformation Coach/ Marriage Mentor / Performance Trainer

Ruth Dickson

Song Writer/ Singer/


Sandra Jarvis

Pep Talks Coach



New Testament Assembly

7 Beechcroft Road


SW17 7BU

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This event is FREE but registration is necessary

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Date: Saturday 20 April 2013


Time: 12:00 -  6:30 pm