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Be Inspired Seminars

Praying for Purpose Inspirational Workshop


This is an interactive session teaching on the theory and methods of praying; knowing your authority understanding your purpose through prayer.

Please complete the sign-up sheet to register for the programmes.




Inspirational Breakfast Events


A 2 hour special breakfast event that promises an inspired Word.


Mentoring & Discipleship Service


Our mentoring service offers women in various sectors the support in identifying the positive in the disappointments; the purpose for life, the gifts you possess and the creativity in your mind to re produce and bring you out of what may seem like a limiting place.

Women Encouraging Women


To provide women who have registered and are presently on the Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme with spiritual and emotional support through encouraging, empowering and prayer.

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We believe that one of the ways to actualise your purpose and bring it to life is to step out. This page is dedicated to all the ladies who have featured in our EW Newsletter over the years as women who have defied the odds, understood their call and stepped out regardless of the circumstances they have encountered. They’ve turned their circumstances, their barriers and limitations into steps that have propelled them to become successful, they are making a difference in their environment they are empowered women because they’ve stepped out into purpose.


Stepping Out!





Empowered Retreats

Our weekend retreats are fun, relaxing, empowering and inspiring; a time to get away and rejuvenate your spirit, soul and body. Join us for a session of beauty, pampering and restoring the woman in you.

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